Alon Eizenberg
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Lecturer (equiv. Assistant Professor)
Department of Economics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fields of Concentration: Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Micro-Econometrics  

Recent media and public coverage: 

"Forced to upgrade? How consumer welfare is affected by technological innovation", Microeconomic Insights, (May 2016)

Reducing the bureaucratic burden on business (a discussion at the annual conference of the Aharon Institute (July 2015, Hebrew)

Study: what made Coca Cola cut its prices by 20% in Brazil? Interview for Ynet (leading Israeli news outlet, Hebrew) (July 2015)

Out with the old? Oxford University Press's OUPblog (September 2014)

YouTube: Alon Eizenberg explains a tricky problem that radio stations must navigate: how do they avoid duplicating radio programming that already exists in a local market? At the Media and Communications Conference, Chicago, IL, May 2014

A "roundtable" discussion: opening the Israeli economy to international trade (July 2014, Hebrew)

"A Fine Theorem: Upstream Innovation and Product Variety in the U.S. Home PC Market, A. Eizenberg" (July 2014)

Wall Street Journal (Ideas Market blog, At the End of the Day: The rising global middle class may eschew big global brands),  (July 2012)

Financial Times: Something for the weekend (July 2012)

Israeli I.O. Day!
Programme is now available for "Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition Policy in Israel" ("5th Israeli I.O. day"), December 24th 2015   
This is a conference I co-organize with Itai Ater (TAU). We initiated this conference with the goal of strengthening the
community of Israeli researchers (from universities at home and abroad) working in this area.
Mount Scopus Campus, #5221
Jerusalem 91905, Israel
Tel: +972-2-588-3392
E-mail address: Alon.Eizenberg "at"