Adventures in Ecuador

Letter 2 - The End of the Carihuairazo Experience.

Hello again,

As you MUST remember, my last letter ended in the last night of a 4 days trek in Chimborazo reserve. The situation was as follows:

1) In the first 3 days of the trek there was non-ending fog with some rain.
2) Due to the bad visibility, we couldn't find our way.
3) Our clothes were all wet and we went sleeping hoping for good weather.

In the next morning we opened our tent door with hope, but to our disappointment, ……………..Fog again – no visibility at all. In the night we were thinking about the right way that we should take. In the morning we put on our wet clothes and wet shoes and started to walk where we thought was the last option to cross that pass. Rain and wind soon started as well… We were walking and to our great happiness reached some point, which suited something in our map. We thought that now we were on the good way and we would find our way out of here but…no. We reached huge mountain walls, which we couldn't cross. What are we going to do now – we were hesitating. We tried all we could to find our way and simply couldn't find it. The only thing that we can do now is go down to the valley floor, which is supposed to be below the mountain (remember that we can't see the valley due to the poor visibility…). >From the valley we will work our way out of this region.

In the next morning we opened our tent door with hope, but to our disappointment, … Fog again – no visibility at all.

This is what we did. We found some way down. Because of the heavy rains we were soaking all the way in deep swamps where we could hardly pool out our shoes. We were all wet and freezing. We used all our extra clothes and almost nothing remained dry except from the last pair of socks, which we used as gloves since our hands got frozen in our already wet gloves. Our fingers were so frozen that Nir couldn't close properly his rucksack and could hardly walk. Also, because of the never-ending rain we couldn't stop for eating and just grabbed one small pita-bread each, and ate it as is while walking... We made a big de-tour, encircled the mountain and found our way out of there EVENTUALLY – all wet, but very happy that we could get away.

This was definitely our last walk in Ecuador. From there we went to rest in a farm in a village called Vilcabamba. There we had a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, horse riding and of course - a lot of sun with which we could warm up and dry our things.

Horse riding in Vilcabamba.

Vilcabamba was our last stop in Ecuador… and tomorrow we are going to cross the border to Peru…

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