Adventures in Africa


We have 2 days to pass in Kenya before taking the EL-AL flight to Tel Aviv. We go to Mama Roches not because we miss the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) atmosphere of the place, but because we want to meet fellow travelers. And we are successful more than expected. We meet the "uncles" from the Ol Doinyo Lengai trip in Tanzania. We have an emovingl time together... We exchange experiences from the last 6 weeks since our ways were separated. We also go to shop in the Masai market in Nairobi. That means even heavier luggage... The flight back home is easy. No need to sneak around... EL-AL doesn't even weight the baggage!

We say farewell to Africa and wish it happiness and wealth, although we doubt the chances of our wishes to come true.

If you ask us what we have found special in Africa what will we reply?

  1. Convenience? Not really. Trekking in New Zealand is better in this aspect.
  2. High Mountains? Not at all. Go to the Andes or the Himalayas for higher mountains.
  3. Volcanoes? That is partly true. Ol Doinyo Lengai is the most exhilarating volcano we've ever seen.
  4. The people? That is true to some extent. Still, since Africa is exposed to the western world for several hundreds of years, and to tourism for several decades, the population is not so friendly nor original as the one of Papua New Guinea.

  1. The flora and fauna? Yes, we think that it is mainly the special vegetation and above all, the wild animals, that "did it" for us.

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