Installing R

Before you can run the R scripts that are an integral part of the learning process in this course, you need to install the R platform on your computer system. The R platform is available free of charge from the web site. You can choose the R platform specific to your operating system (e.g., Windows,Linux, Mac X, etc.) The download page contains the information you need to install and configure the R platform for writing and running R scripts. Bellow we provide a detailed description of the process of installing the R platform on Windows. The installation in other operating systems is similar.

Installing R on Windows

  1. (Screenshot.) Access the R Project site:
  2. (Screenshot.) Select the link to CRAN.
  3. (Screenshot.) Choose a mirror site with fast connection to your location.
  4. (Screenshot.) Choose the version for your operating system. In this example you should select the link to Windows which directs you to a page titles "R for Windows".
  5. (Screenshot.) The link associated with the title "base" directs you to a page with a link to the installation file of the current R version.
  6. (Screenshot.) Running that file initiates the installation process. At the end of the installation process an icon with the R shape is added to the desktop.

Test Installation

  1. (Screenshot.) Double clicking on that icon. Observe that an R Console window is opened. R is now uploaded to the memory and ready to go.
  2. (Screenshot.) Type "1+2" (without the double quotes) at the R Console prompt ">" and hit the Return key.
  3. (Screenshot.) Close the R Console window. A dialog box will open. Via this dialog box you can choose to save the content of the session by selecting "Yes", not to save by selecting the option "No". Alternatively, you may decide to abort the process of shutting down the R session by selecting "Cancel". If you save the content of the session will be uploaded to the memory the next time that the R Console is opened.

Installing R on a USB

Some may find it more convenient to have the R platform available on a USB drive, which will allow for running the system in a foreign computer without actually installing it on that computer. Instructions for the installation on a USB drive can be found at this site: