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Fritz Thyssen Foundation Research Grant:
Sites of Memory and Memory of Sites: Positioning the Holy Land in Europe (2006/09).
German-Israeli Foundation:
The Holy Land Elsewhere (in cooperation with Bruno Reudenbach, University of Hamburg, and Gerhard Wolf, Max-Planck Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz) (January 2010-December 2012).

Israel Science Foundation and the Hebrew University Institute for Advanced Studies:
Visual Constructs of Jerusalem, international conference, November 14-21, 2010.
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Max-Planck Gesellschaft, Minerva-Gentner Symposia: 
Jerusalem Elsewhere: The German Recensions, a mobile symposium, October 2011.
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European Research Council Advanced Research Grant:
SPECTRUM: Projections of Jerusalem in Europe: A Monumental Network (May 2010-June 2015).
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