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The Pragmatics of Knowledge

A Counter-example to SSI and Contextualism

Abstract of the above

Rational Assertibility, the Steering Role of Knowledge, and Pragmatic Encroachment

Abstract of the above


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Philosophical Perspectives, 11, Mind, Causation and World, J. Tomberlin (ed.), 1997, pp. 401-432.

Casual Relevance

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Published in New Studies in Exact Philosophy: Logic, Mathematics  and Science (selected contributions to the Exact Philosophy conference, May, 1999), Vol. II.,  John Woods and  Bryson Brown (eds.), pp. 59-90, Hermes Scientific Pub. Co., February 2001.

Probabilistic Cause and the Thirsty Traveler

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Journal of Philosophical Logic 31, pp. 139-179, 2002.

The Counterfactual Analysis of Cause

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Synthese 127, 3, June 2001, pp. 389-427.

Causation: Counterfactual and Probabilistic Analyses


Counterfactuals and Causes, J. Collins, N. Hall, L. Paul (eds.), MIT University Press 2004.


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in Cause and Chance: Causation in an Indeterministic World, Phil Dowe and Paul Noordhof (eds.), Routledge, International Library of Philosophy series, pp. 163-188, 2003.





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Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, January, 2006, pp. 1-43.

A Probabilistic Theory of Knowledge (light version)

A Probabilistic Theory of Knowledge (super-light version)

Forthcoming Papers



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Can Counterfactuals Save Mental Causation? (text)

Can Counterfactuals Save Mental Causation? (notes)

(under revision)






Mediated Reference and Proper Names

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Mind, Vol. 102, October 1993, pp. 611-628.

A Theory of Thinker Reference

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Philosophical Studies (Minneapolis), 74:3 (1994:June) p.291




Quine and Modalities de Re: A Way Out?

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Journal of Philosophy,LXXIX, 6, May, 1982, pp. 295-328.

Probabilistic Cause, Edge Conditions, Late Preemption and Discrete CasesA Probabilistic Theory of Knowledge (text)

A Probabilistic Theory of Knowledge (notes)

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Cause and Some Positive Causal Impact