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1947:   Born in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland. Married with one daughter, Orianne (currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces

1957:  Emmigrated to Israel from Warsaw.

1966-1969:  Served as a battlefield medic in the I.D.F.

1969-1972:  Studying Philosophy and Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. B.A. cum laude.

1972-1973: M.A. in philosophy. Research thesis under the supervision of the Prof. Nathan Rotenstreich on “Psychology from the Phenomenological Standpoint of Edmund Husserl”. Reciepient of Hugo Bergmann Prize for this work.

1974: Recipient of a German government grant for studying German in Munich.

1975-1978: Graduate Studies at McGill University, Montreal, Canada (among others with Prof. Charles Taylor): Recipient of  Dow-Hickson award for theoretical philosophy of McGill University and three years fellowship for doctoral studies of Canada Council. On 1976 became a citizen of Canada.

1977: Visiting Lecturer in philosophy at Carleton University, Ottawa.

1982: Doctoral thesis on “Nietzsche’s Psychology of Power” under the supervision of  Prof. Yirmiahu Yovel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1985-88: Senior Lecturer of philosophy, the Hebrew University.

1987: Visiting-Fellow in Wolfson College, Oxford.

1991-1992: Recipient of Thyssen Stiftung Forschungstipendium.

1996-2006: Associate Professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1997-98 : Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the Penn State University, PA, USA.

2001-2004: Director of the Center for Austrian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2006:  Professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2007: Ahad Ha'am Chair in Philosophy.


Currently acting as the Philosophical Editor of the Hebrew University Magnes Press and is a member of its academic committee. Fluent in Polish, Hebrew, English, German, Working knowledge of Russsian and French.