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Courses and Seminars taught during last five years and Key Lectures in Scientific Conferences


Courses and Seminars


Kierkegaard and Nietzsche: Brothe/ Enemies?

Nietzsche in Zion

Introduction to Existentialism

Heidegger and Sartre on Humanism

Introduction to Phenomenology and to Hermeneutics

In Search of Authenticity

Nietzsche in Hebrew Culture

Kierkegaard: The Religious Father of Existentialism

Philosophical Problems

Nietzsche and the Intellectual Roots of Nazism

Nietzsche and Jews, Judaism and Zionism

‘Marginal Jews’ between Assimilation and Zionism

Self- Hatred: Nietzsche, Freud and the Case of Theodor Lessing

On the Concept of Unconscious Mind in Western Philosophy

Philosophers against Nazism: Sartre and Jaspers

Nietzsche’s Basic Notions and Ideas

Paul Ricoeur: From Phenomenology to Hermeneutics


Key Lectures



“ On the Poverty of Historiography in Contemporary Psychology" Before the 15th International Congress for History of Science, Edinburough, August  1977.


 Before the 5th Jerusalem Encounter in Philosophy, April 1983:

1.”Nietzsche as Philosophical Seducer”;

2. “Nietzsche and German Jews.”


Before the Oxford German Philosophical Society, Merton College, May 1987 on 

"Nietzsche's Philosophy of Power"


Key lecture, Before the Great Britain Nietzsche Society on “Nietzsche on Authenticity” ,           London, April 1992.



Before the Council for Humanities of Princeton University, April 1995  on Jewish Nietzscheans”


 Moritz-Arndt-Universität, Greifswald  (September, , (1995, on: "Nietzsche and  Grenzjuden."


 Copenhagen University, September, 1995  about  "Kierkegaard on Authenticity"


Before the  Theological faculty of the university of Copenhagen  on "Kierkegaard in Zion."


Before the  Sixt Annual Philosophy Conference ,SUNY- Binghamton University,  April,19-20, 1996 :  "Responsibility of the Academic Scholar and Authenticity." 


 Invited to represent Israel on account of the foundation of the Nietzsche Research Center at Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, April 1996  to speak (in German) in Weimar on  "Übermensch und die Grenzjuden."  


March  1998:  The Spinoza-Meir Foundation: Key speaker,  University of WaterlooCanada: “Nietzsche and Jewish Culture.


March 1998:   Before the Department of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario: ”Authenticity and Literature


March, 1998 invited by the Dean of  University of Western Ontario to speak on  ”Nietzsche  on Authenticity”


April, 1998: Before the Department of Philosophy of the Penn State University     “Kierkegaard’s Religious Stance."


Before the American Congress for Jewish Studies, Boston, February 1998 on : “Herzl’s Relation to Nietzsche”.


Before the International Kierkegaard Society, May 1998, St.  Olaf College, Northfield,  Minnesota on: “Kierkegaard's 'Present Age' versus the Authentic Faith.”


Before the Faculty of Humanities of Penn State University, invited lecture, May 1998:      “The Nietzschean Übermensch is not the Flying Superman."


Key lecture before the Nietzsche British Society, Durham University, March 1999  on "Nietzsche: The Godfather of Fascism?"


Before the Department of German Studies, University of California, Berkeley University, April 1999 on: “The Case of Max Nordau against Nietzsche”.


Lisboa, invited lecture Before the International Conference on the occasion of 100 years of Nietzsche’s Death, July, 2000 on: "Nietzsche and the Old  Testament. "


Jerusalem, Van Leer Institute International Conference (organized by me) on the occasion of 100 years of Nietzsche’s Death, January, 2000 on “Nietzsche in Hebrew Culture”


A lecture Before, organized by me, “International Conference in Vienna: Nietzsche and the Austrian Mind”, Vienna 19 June, 2002 on “Martin Buber’s ‘Liberation’ from Nietzsche’s ‘Invasion’”.


Jerusalem, a lecture (in Hebrew) Before the conference on Jung Wien, November, 2002 about: “Stefan Zweig: The Tragic End of a Jewish Nietzschean ‘Free Spirit’”.


Jerusalem, Before the International Conference on Stefan Zweig’s Literary and

Biographical Writings, June 6, 2004 on “Erasmus: Zweig’s Alter Ego”.


Jerusalem, organized by me “International Conference marking the centenary of Herzl’s    Death”, 21 June, 2004. Lecture on “Transfiguration of the Self in Herzl’s Literary Fiction”.


Tübingen, Before the International Conference on Die kulturelle Seeite des Antisemitismus, 10 October, 2004, on: “Die Grenzjuden und der Jüdische Selbsthass: The Case of  Theodor Lessing”.


24 February, 2005, Before the departments of philosophy and French Studies of Tel Aviv University on: “The ‘Honest’ Diderot  versus the ‘Authentic’ Rousseau”.


Kraków, April 2005, invited lecture Before the Institute of Philosophy at  the Jagiellonian University an invited lecture on “Nietzsche and Fascism”.


Wien, Before the Internationale Tagung Martin Buber – Denken und Wirken Eine Retrospektive, 2 Dezember 2004 on “Buber Between Nietzsche and Kierkegaard: From Zarathustra to I and Thou” .


 St. Catharines (Canada),  Before the philosophy department  at  Brock University, 24 of October: “Nietzschean Übermensch is not the Superman of the Comics.”


Toronto, Before the department of philosophy and Jewish Studies of the University of   Toronto on “Nietzsche’s Ideals of the ‘Free Spirit par excellence’ and the “we free spirits”


Salt lake City, a key lecture Before the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, October, 20-22, 2005 on: “Nietzsche and Zionist Thought.”