Faculty of Humanities / Romance and Latin American Studies
Prof. Ruth Fine
Personal Data
Prof. Ruth Fine

Salomon & Victoria Cohen Chair in Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Studies

Organization of Academic Conferences/Workshops/Symposia

Date Title Location
November 2015 International Conference - "Héroes y villanos de la Biblia en la literatura del Siglo de Oro" HU/Jerusaelm
May 2015 International Conference (Co-director with Dr. Margalit Bejarano and Dr. Mauricio Dimant)- "Symposium in honor of the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura" HU/Jerusalem
March 2015 International Conference (Convener and Director)- "50 Years of German-Israeli Relations: Evaluating the Present, Envisioning the Future" HU/Jerusalem
January 2015 International Workshop (Convener and Director)- "National Revival in the Shadow of European Unity: The "Spring of Nations" after the Congress of Vienna and the Relation between National Movements in Europe and the EU Today" HU/Jerusalem
November 2014 International Conference (Co-director with Prof.Saúl Sosnowski, Dr. Leonardo Senkman and Ms. Florinda Goldberg)-
"Cortázar in Jerusalem"
May 2014 International Workshop (Co-director with Prof. Christoph Strosetzki)- "The Ten Commandments in Early Modern Spanish Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy" University of Münster
December 2013 International Conference (Co-director with Prof. Yoav Rinon)- "Freud and the Humanities Revisited: Literature and Literary Criticism in Freudian Context Today" HU/Jerusalem
June 2012 Co-director with Prof. Alfonso de Toro. International Workshop: "New Diasporas within Globalization Inter-/Trans-identity/Inter-/Trans-nation" HU/Jerusalem
January 2012 International Workshop: "Writing or Life: the Work of Jorge Semprun" HU/Jerusalem
December 2011 International Workshop: (Co-director with Prof. Alfonso de Toro). "New Diasporas within Globalization Inter-/Trans-identity/Inter-/Trans-nation" Univeristy of Leipzig
June 2011 "De Sefarad a Israel - rumbos y perspectivas del hispanismo en Israel" First National Congress of The Association of Hispanists in Israel (AHI) HU/Jerusalem
April 2011 "Neighbors and Strangers: Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Early Modern Mediterranean" The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
January 2010 International Workshop of The Israel Science Foundation:
"The Literature of the 'Conversos' after 1492"
December 2007 International Workshop of The Israel Science Foundation:
"La Biblia en la Literatura del Siglo de Oro"
December 2005 International Workshop of The Israel Science Foundation: "Cervantes y las religiones" HU/Jerusalem