Areas of Specialisation:
Sociology and Anthropology of Religion, Charismatic Movements, Text-based communities, Martyrdom, Religion and Death, Miracles and Visions, Cultural Theory and Hermeneutics, Ultra-Orthodoxy in Israel, Qualitative methods is sociology and anthropology, Religion and Economic Life, Cultural and Sociological aspects of Work, The Cults of the Virgin Mary in Israel

Research Projects

2007-2010 Fundamentalism in Transition. Reasearch Grant, the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF).

2007-2008 Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel. Reasearch Grant, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

2004-2007. Authority and Power in the Haredi Community. The Van Leer Institute.  Jerusalem (with Dr. Kimmy Caplan).

2004-2006  Fundamentalism  in Crisis: The manifestation of Intergenerational Tensions through sacred texts in the Israeli Haredi community. Research Grant, the Israel Foundation Trustees.
2004-2005 Fundamentalism and the Yeshiva World. Research Grant, The Shaine Centre for Research in Social Sciences.

2004-2007 Democratization and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion: Civil society and Citizenship, Welfare, Markets and Culture. The Truman institute. Hebrew University, Jerusalem (With Prof. Mario Sznajder) .

2002-2004 Research Project on ZAKA (Disaster Victim Identification Teams): A Unique Haredi Organization or a New Militaristic Model? The Harvey L. Silbert Centre for Israel Studies (With Prof. Eyal Ben Ari).

2000-2003 Cambridge Research Project: Fundamentalism and Secularism: The Study of Religious Struggle in the Global Present,. CRASSH (Centre for research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities), Cambridge, UK. (with Dr. David Lehmann and Prof. Bryan Turner, University of Cambridge, UK).

2002-2004 Religious Resurgence: Comparative Perspectives (Islam, Judaism and Christianity). The Van Leer Institute, (With Prof. SN. Eisenstadt)..

2002-2003 The Miracle in Worldly Practices: The Case of Ultra-Orthodoxy (Lithuanians) in Israel. The Levi Eshkol Institute for Economic, Social and Political Research

1999-2003 Ultra-Orthodox Views of Military Service in Contemporary Israel, with Prof. Eyal Ben Ari, Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University. The Harvey L. Silbert Centre for Israel Studies.