Niron Hashai joined the faculty of Hebrew University's School of Business in September 2002. A graduate of the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University doctoral program, he was on the faculty of the Bradford University School of Management in United Kingdom prior to returning to Israel. Niron is also a visiting associate professor at New York University.

Niron's current research centers on the management and economics of international business. His work studies the theory of the multinational corporation, the internationalization of "Born Global" firms, the relationships between internationalization, product diversification and firm performance, technological Innovation and internationalization, knowledge transfer costs, R&D internationalization and growth patterns of small high technology firms.

Niron's research papers have been published in top strategic management, international business and innovation journals including: Strategic Management Journal. Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management and Research Policy. He has also co-edited two books.

Niron received a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering from the Technion. He earned his M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in International Business from Tel Aviv University.