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International Conferences and Symposia (organized by me together with the Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of Antisemitism)

  1. "Nietzsche in Vienna", 19-21 June 2002, in Vienna (Co-organizer, Austrian Studies Centre)
  2. "Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in Western Europe Today" (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), 1 day colloquium (Co-organizer) 18 December 2002 
  3. Antisemitism and Prejudice in the Contemporary Media  (Hebrew University: to mark 20 years of the Vidal Sassoon Centre) 18-21 February 2003 (organizer) 
  4. “Qui a tué Daniel Pearl?” (with Bernard-Henri Lévy) Hebrew University, 18 May 2003 
  5. “Reflections on the Coming Antisemitism”, SICSA, 7 January 2004 
  6. “The Jews of France and the Present Antisemitic Crisis”, 7 June 2004
  7. "The Khazars", Hebrew University Colloqium, 27 May 2003
  8. “Herzl: Then and Now. The Centenary of His Death” (co-organized with Centre for Austrian Studies and Van Leer)., 21-23 June 2004
  9. “French Schools and Antisemitism: Turmoil of a Republic”, SICSA symposium, 17 November 2004 (in French)
  10. “Between Berlin and Jerusalem: German Problems – Jewish Problems”, SICSA symposium, 9 January 2005
  11. “Islam, Women and Antisemitism”, SICSA symposium, 16 February 2005 (in English)
 Lectures organized by me at the Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of Antisemitism  (since May 2002)
  1. International Conference - Pope Pius XII, the Jews and the Holocaust. 20 May 2002

  2. Conference - Antisemitism in the 21st Century, Board of Governors, the Hebrew University, 1 June 2002

  3. Conference - Freud’s Moses, International Conference on Freud, The Hebrew University, 5 June 2002

  4. Conference - Antisemitism in Contemporary Britain: the Muslim Factor, Hebrew University International Conference, 18 December 2002

  5. Conference - Karl Kraus: A Study in Jewish Self-Hatred, Conference on “Jung Wien”, Hebrew University, 22 November 2002.

  6. Research seminar - What is Arabic Antisemitism? - Prof. Menahem Milson 4.11.02

  7. Research seminar – Antisemitism in the Iraqi Nation State, 1920-2002 - Prof. Amatzia Baram 9.12.02

  8. Research seminar – Antisemitism without “Antisemites": The Case of Austria Today - Prof. Anton Pelinka 16.12.02

  9. Research seminar – The Islam in France and the Jews - Dr. Simcha Epstein 13.1.03

  10. Conference - Antisemitism & Prejudice in the Contemporary Media. 18-21 February 2003. Link to the Video.

  11. Research seminar – The Jew as a Culture Destroyer in the National-Socialist Ideology - Dr. Dana Arieli-Horowitz 24.3.03.

  12. Conference - Bernard Henri Levy: Qui a tue Daniel Pearl? 15 May 2003. Link to the Video.

  13. Research seminar – American Antisemitism in the 1940s: A Reassessment – Dr. Françoise Ouzan. 2.6.03.

  14. Research seminar – The Zoology of Antisemitism in the Caricatures of the Arabic World. Mr. Yigal Carmon. 17.11.03

  15. Research seminar – Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish Sentiments in the Nordic Countries Today. Sonja Lende. 15.12.03

  16. Conference - Alain Finkielkraut Reflexions sur l'antisemitisme qui vient. 7 January 2004. Link to the Video.

  17. Research seminar – Jews and Antisemitism in Korea. Prof. Choi, Chang-Mo. 12.1.04

  18. Research seminar – Issues Raised by the Passion: Antisemitism and the Freedom to Tell Our Christian Story. Rev. Michael McGarry. 22 March 2004. Link to the Video.

  19. Research seminar – Anti-Americanism and Antisemitism: Similarities and differences. Prof. Dan Diner. 17.5.04.

  20. Conference - Prof. Shmuel Trigano, Professor Robert Wistrich, Mr. Emmanuel Halperin, Dr. Simcha Epstein, French Jewry and the Current Antisemitic Crisis. 7 June 2004. Link to the Video.

  21. Conference - Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. David Goodman, Prof. Ben -Ami Shilony, Prof. Rotem Kowner, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Japan. 27 October 2004. Link to the Video.

  22. Conference - Georges Bensoussan - L'école au cœur de la vague antisémite en France, Emmanuel Halperin, Simcha Epstein, Robert Wistrich - 17 November 2004. Link to the Video.

  23. Research seminar – The Antisemitism in the Arabian Caricature after Camp David Accords. Mr. Arie Stav. 22.11.04

  24. Research seminar – The Media, Antisemitism and Terrorism: A Dilemma for Democracy. Dr. Fiamma Nirenstein. 13.12.04

  25. Conference - Between Berlin and Jerusalem: Jewish Problems-German Problems - Doron Mendels , Angelika Timm, David Witzthum, Robert Wistrich - 9 January 2005. Link to the Video.

  26. Research seminar – Antisemitism in Poland and the Ukraine Today. Prof. Ireneusz Krzemiński. 17.1.05

  27. Conference - Irshad Manji - Islam, Women and Antisemitism: Journey of a Muslim Refusenik - Greetings: Steven Kaplan, Chair: Robert Wistrich - 26 February 2005. Link to the Video.

  28. Research seminar - The Image of “The Jew” in “La Civiltà Cattolica” 1850-1949. José David Lebovitch-Dahl. 21.3.05

  29. Research seminar - Reflections on the Jewish Question to Jean - Paul Sartre: Jewish Comments. Dr. Nelly Nas. 4.4.05

  30. Research seminar – China and the Jews. Dr. Teddy Kaufman. 23.5.05

  31. Conference - Dr. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, H.E. Foreign Minister of Romania, Facing History: Romania and the Holocaust. Participants: Prof. Hillel Bercovier, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Dr. Leon Volovici - 4 July 2005. Link to the Video.

  32. Conference - Christianity, Neo-Paganism and Antisemitism in the Third Reich - Dr. Simcha Epstein, Prof. Shlomo Aronson. Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Dr. Shaul Baumann - 8 November 2005. Link to the Video.

  33. Research seminar – The Jewish Character in Thomas Mann's Novels. Dr. Alexander Raviv. 21.11.05.

  34. Conference - Sartre, Israel and Antisemitism - Prof. Jacob Golomb, Dr. Ely Ben Gal, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Dr. Denis Charbit, Prof. Menahem Brinker - 7 December 2005. Link to the Video.

  35. Research seminar – Antisemitism Down Under. Prof. Suzanne Rutland. 12.12.05

  36. Research seminar – Prejudice in the Academy: Antisemitism and "Racial Science". Dr. Klaus Hoedl. 9.1.06

  37. Conference - A New Antisemitism? The Case of Great Britain, Prof. Gideon Shimoni, Ms. Brenda Katten, Prof. Robert Wistrich - 8 March 2006. Link to the Video.

  38. Research seminar – Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Sweden, 2000-2005. Mr. Zvi Mazel. 20.3.06

  39. Conference - Dictatorship, Democratization and Antisemitism in Argentina - Ambassador of Argentina Atilio Molteni, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. Mario Sznajder, Dr. Leonardo Senkman, Ms. Martina Weisz - 23 March 2006. Link to the Video.

  40. Research seminar – From Assimilation to Antisemitism: The “Jewish Question” in Poland, 1850-1914. Prof. Theodore R. Weeks. 3.4.06

  41. Conference - Jean Mouttapa- Peut-on partager la Memoire de la Shoah? Des français juifs et arabes à Auschwitz, Robert Wistrich, Hervé Bercovier, Ambassador of France Gérard Araud, Père Emile Shoufani – Mercredi. 5 April 2006. Link to the Video.

  42. Research seminar – Holland and the "Israeli Question". Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld. 8.5.06

  43. International Conference – "Antisemitism, multiculturalism and ethnic identity". June 12-15, 2006. Link to the Videos.

  44. Conference - Prof. Robert Wistrich - Laboratory for World Destruction: Germans and Jews in Central Europe, Prof. Jacob Golomb, Prof. Gershon Shaked, Prof. Robert S. Wistrich. 9 November 2006. Link to the Video.

  45. Research seminar – Shi'ite scholars in South Lebanon between anti-Zionism, anti-Judaism and antisemitism. Mr. G. Windecker. 27.11.06

  46. Research seminar – China and the Jews. Prof. Xu Xin. 11.12.06

  47. Conference - Islam, British Society and the Terrorist Threat - Avinoam Armoni, Melanie Phillips, Robert Wistrich, Isi Leibler. 2 February 2007. Link to the Video.

  48. Research seminar – The Jew in the Shi'ite-Iranian View. Dr. Daniel Tzadik. 8.1.07

  49. Conference - Dr. Robert Satloff - A Forgotten Memory Jews, Arabs and the Holocaust in North Africa. 23 January 2007. Link to the Video.

  50. Conference - Radical Islam's War against the West - Prof. Bernard Lewis, Prof. Israel Bartal, Prof. Robert Wistrich. 29 January 2007. Link to the Video.

  51. Research seminar – From Father to Son: Attitudes to Jews and Judaism, in Asad's Syria. Dr. Itamar Radai. 12.3.07

  52. Research seminar – The Palestinian Christianity and its Attitude toward Christianity, Israel State and Judaism. Dr. Gershon Nerel. 28.5.07

  53. Research seminar –"Organic" Nationalism and "The Jewish Question" in Russia and Poland, 1881-1914. Dr. Semion Goldin. 18.6.07

  54. Research seminar – Argenitna, Iran and the AMIA. Dr. Alberto Nisman. 24.12.07

  55. Research seminar – Russia: National Identity, Putin and the Jews. Dr. Mordechai Altshuler. 7.1.08

  56. Conference - Judaism, Christianity and the Roots of European Culture - Prof. Andrei Marga, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. Moshe Idel. 17 February 2008. Link to the Video.

  57. Research seminar – Hanna Arendt, Post-Zionism and Antisemitism. Prof. Elchanan Yakira. 3.3.08

  58. Research seminar – Islam and Antisemitism - Situation Report. Prof. Rafi Israeli. 19.5.08

  59. Conference - "Forbidden to Forbid" 1968 Revolt: Universal and Jewish Aspects - Participants: David Witzhum, Ely Ben-Gal, Sever Plocer and Prof. Robert Wistrich. 20 May 2008. Link to the Video.

  60. Conference - Broadcasting Antisemitism to the Arab World: Nazi Propaganda during the Holocaust, Prof. Jeffrey Herf. 3 June 2008. Link to the Video.

  61. Research seminar – The British Boycott on Israeli Academy – Personal Reflections. Prof. Miriam Shlesinger. 23.6.08

  62. Research seminar – Israel as "Apartheid State" – Use and False Use of the term in the Ideological Discourse. Prof. Gideon Shimoni. 21.7.08

  63. Conference - The Founding Myths of Antisemitism - Prof. Carol Iancu, Participants: Prof. Robert S. Wistrich, Prof. Moshe Idel and Dr. Leon Volovici. 30 July 2008. Link to the Video.

  64. Research seminar – Globalization, Conspiracy Theory, and the Shoah. Mr. Mark Weitzman. 17.11.08

  65. Research seminar – The Image of the Jew in Egyptian Cinema. Dr. Sariel Birnbaum. 15.12.08

  66. Conference - Israel the Jews and the Sunni-Shiite Conflict - Prof. Robert S. Wistrich, Prof. Bernard Lewis, Dr. Dore Gold, Mr. Efraim Halevy. 21 January 2009. Link to the Video.

  67. Research seminar – Tolerance and Coercion in Islam. Prof. Yohanan Friedman. 16.3.09

  68. A Symposium in honor of Dr. Leon Volovici marking his retirement - The Fall of Communism and the Jewish Question 1989-2009, 26 March 2009. Link to the Video.

  69. A Symposium marking a year since the passing of Prof. Shmuel Almog - The Jewish Crossroads: Zionism, Nationalism and Antisemitism. Participants: Mr. Zvi Yekutiel, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. Israel Bartal, Prof. Israel Gutwein, Prof. Yehuda Bauer. 6 May 2009. Link to the Video.

  70. Research seminar – Nazis in the Holy Land. Dr. Heidemarie Wawrzyn. 18.5.09

  71. Research seminar – The Bolivarian Revolution: Hugo Chavez, Iran, Israel and the Jews. Prof. Luis Roniger. 22.6.09

  72. A special session of the Fifteenth Congress of Jewish Studies: Contemporary Antisemitism: The European and Muslim Legacies-3.8.09

  73. Research seminar – Reports from the Battle Front: Lifetime of Combating Antisemitism. Mr. Karl (Eli) Pfeifer. 19.10.09

  74. Research seminar – Samson as a Suicide Bomber: A Contemporary Case Study in Cultural Antisemitism. Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld. 21.12.09

  75. Conference - Prof. Bernard Lewis - Radical Islam- Israel and the West. 16 February 2010. Link to the Video.

  76. Research seminar – Antisemitism in the Muslim Diaspora in West Europe. Prof. Emmanuel Sivan. 9.3.10

  77. A symposium Marking 150 years since Herzl birth. Herzl: Antisemitism and Jewish Identity. Participants: Prof. Shlomo Aronson, Prof. Israel Bartal, Prof. Jacob Golomb, and Prof. Robert Wistrich. 2 May 2010. Link to the Video.

  78. Research seminar – About Borders and Bridges: Spain, Israel and the Arab States. Mrs. Martina L. Weisz. 10.5.10

  79. Conference - Antisemitic Myths in the American Academy: Blacks, Jews and Nazis, Participants: Prof. Robert Wistrich, Chair, Prof. Stephen H. Norwood, Prof. Eunice G. Pollack. 9 June 2010. Link to the Video.

  80. Research seminar – The Question of Antisemitism in the Contemporary Feminist Theology in the United States and Europe. Dr. Nelly Las. 14.6.10

  81. Research seminar – A Lethal Obsession: Antisemitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad. Prof. Robert Wistrich. 15.11.10

  82. Research seminar – Antisemitism and Multiculturalism in Britain. Prof. Efraim Sicher. 6.12.10

  83. Research seminar – Antisemitism and the University Campus in North America. Dr. Charles Asher Small. 3.1.11

  84. Research seminar – Jews in Tunisia: from the Swastika to the Jasmine revolution, 1939-2011. Dr. Haim Saadon 7.3.11

  85. Research seminar – Anti-Semitism in Iran: Continuities and Changes. Prof. Meir Litvak. 28.3.11

  86. Conference - Nazism in Iraq Al-Farhud: the 1941 Pogrom. Participants: Eli Amir, Dr. Zvi Yehuda, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Dr. Esther Meir Glitzenstein, Prof. Shmuel Moreh, 22 May 2011. Link to the Video.

  87. Research seminar – Arab-Israeli Citizens and Delegitimization of the Jewish National State. Dr. Dan Shiftan. 23.5.11

  88. Conference - From Blood Libel to Boycott: Changing Faces of British Antisemitism, Participants: Isi Leibler, Hon. Justice Gabriel Bach, Prof. Robert Wistrich. 16 June 2011. Link to the Video.

  89. Research seminar – Jew-Hatred and the Delegitimization of Israel. Dr. Joel Fishman. 20.6.11

  90. Conference - Antisemitism, the Global Financial Crisis, and its Reflection in the Austrian Media, Participants: Dr. Karin Stoegner, Dr. Karin Bischof, Prof. Robert Wistrich. 31 October 2011.

  91. Research seminar – Jews and Antisemitism in Libya: From WWII to the fall of Gaddafi. Prof. Maurice Roumani. 28.11.11

  92. Research seminar – Eugenics, Racism and Antisemitism in the USA, 1921-1939. Prof. Barry Mehler. 2.1.12

  93. A Symposium in Memory of Dr. Leon Volovici. Writers, Intellectuals and Modern Antisemitism. Participants: Prof. Shaul Stampfer, Hanna Volovici, the author Aharon Appelfeld, Prof. Moshe Idel, Dr. Raphael Vago and Prof. Robert Wistrich. 12 January 2012.

  94. Conference - The Christian Roots of the Holocaust Denial - Participants: Prof. Dina Porat, Prof. Robert Wistrich. 16 January 2012.

  95. Conference – Is there an American Exceptionalism? Antisemitism and Jews in the U.S.A - Participants: Prof. Moshe Arens, Prof. Robert Wistrich, Prof. Eli Lederhendler and Prof. Uzi Rebhun. 1 February 2012.

 International Public Forums (Presentations)
  1. “Radical Islam, Jihad and Antisemitism” House of Commons (London) 30 November 2003
  2. Special Statement to UN Human Rights Commission, Geneva, 26 March 2004. Guest speaker for World Union of Progressive Judaism, on “Human Rights and Antisemitism”
  3. My text on “Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism” included in the official Record of UN Commission, 11 February 2004
  4. Lecture and 2-hour discussion with US State Department Officials on “Islamic Fundamentalism, Antisemitism and the Middle East,” Washington DC, 17 March 2004
  5. Address to Congressional Task Force on Antisemitism on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, 18 March 2004 about “America, Europe and Israel”
  6. During same week addressed 3 major ADL forums in Boston, Washington DC and New York
 Important Meetings and Contributions Relating to Legislation and Measures
 Against Antisemitism (Highlights)
  1. Lunch with British MPs, House of Commons, 29 November 2003
  2. Edward O’Donnell (President Bush’s representative dealing with restitution and antisemitism in Europe) 11 December 2003 [Sassoon Centre]
  3. Meeting with Mr. O’Donnell and staff at State Department, Washington D.C., 17 March 2004
  4. Meeting with Senator Jerry Grafstein, Montreal, Canada, 28 March 2004
  5. 3-hour discussion with the French Ambassador to Israel (at his request) on issues concerning the global fight against antisemitism, as well as the situation in France and Europe. He was given a tour of the Sassoon Centre in Jerusalem, October 2004
  6. Closed meeting (3 hours) with French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, King David Hotel, Jerusalem, October 2004
  7. Ana Palacio (at the Hebrew University), 30 November 2004
  8. Michel Bernier, King David, November 2004
  9. Nicholas Sarkozy, 16 December 2004 (cancelled)
  10. Edward O’Donnel, US State Department, 30 November 2004, 13 December 2004
  11. Talk in honor of President of the Austrian National Parliament, Prof. Andreas Khol, 27 December 2005
  12. Meeting with Jacques Huntzinger for 2 hours at SICSA. Mr. Huntzinger is a special envoy of President Chirac dealing with world Jewry. December 2004
  13. Meeting with former Spanish Foreign Minister, Ana Palacio, Hebrew University, December 2004
  14. Advised State Department on Global Antisemitism Report to the US Congress, December 2004
  15. Hosted the Romanian Foreign Minister in Jerusalem, June 2005
  16. Met with French Foreign Minister, King David Hotel, Jerusalem, 7 September 2005