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'The Conception of God and Cult in the Priestly Torah and in the Holiness School', Thesis submitted for the Degree 'Doctor Philosophy', under the supervision of Prof. M. Greenberg, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1988.


II.  Books:  



2.  The Sanctuary of Silence, Magnes Press, Jerusalem 1992 (Heb),

 247  pp.  English Translation: Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1995 246 pp.


3. The Messiah before Jesus, The University of California Press, Berkeley, 2000, 145 pp.


4. The Divine Symphony, JPS, Philadelphia 2003, 208 pp.



5. EMUNOT HA-MIKRA, to be published by Magnes Press, 200 pages (confirmation attached).


III. Books edited:


6. Literature which was Written in the Land of Israel, The Bible A collection of studies on the Hebrew Bible, to be published by Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi next year.


7. Literature which was Written in the Land of Israel, the Dead Sea Scrolls  A collection of studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls, to be published by Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi within a year.



IV. Chapters in edited books:   



8. ‘A Calendrical Scroll from a Qumran Cave: Mismarot Ba, 4Q431’ in: D. Wright, D. N. Freedman and A. Hurvitz (eds.), Pomegranates and Golden Bells, Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake 1995, pp. 267-301 (with S. Talmon).


9. 'A Calendrical Scroll from a Qumran Cave 4' in: M. V. Fox et al (eds.) Text, Temples, and Traditions , Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake 1996, pp. 65-71301 (with S. Talmon).


10. 'Studies in the Priestly Totah: Lev. 7:19-21', in: S. Japhet (ed.), The Bible in the Light of its Interpreters, Jerusalem 1994, pp. 601-612 (with S. Naeh, Heb.).


11. ' From Fear to Love', in: L. Mazor (ed.), Job in the Bible, Thought and Art, Jerusalem 1995, pp. 89-103 (Heb.).


12. ‘Human Freedom in the Bible’ in: Human Dignity and Freedom in the Jewish Heritage, Proceedings of the President’s Study Group on

 the Bible and Sources of Judaism, Jerusalem 1995, pp. 60-70 (Heb.).


13 ‘Two Aspects of the “Tent of Meeting"', in: M. Cogan, B. Eichler and J. H. Tigay (eds.)  Tehillah le-Moshe, Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake 1997, pp. 73-79.  


14. ‘Cain – The Forefather of Humanity’, in: C. Cohen et al (eds.), Sefer Moshe, The Moshe Weinfeld Jubilee Volume, Winona Lake, Indiana 2004, 63-68.


 15. ‘Religion and Politics in Psalm 2’, in S. M. Paul et al (eds.), Emanuel, Studies in Hebrew Bible, Septuagint and Dead See Scrolls in Honor of Emanuel Tov, Leiden 2003, pp.725-727.


16. ‘Sin, Pollution and Purity: early Israel and Judaism’, to be published in the Religions of the Ancient World: A Guide, Harvard University Press,




17. ‘New Light on the Copper Scroll and 4QMMT’, in: G. J. Brooke and P. R. Davis (eds.), Copper Scroll Studies, Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha Supplement Series 40 , Sheffield 2002, pp. 233-257.


18. ‘Axial Transformations within Ancient Israelite Priesthood’ in: J. P. Arnason, S.N. Eisenstadt, and B. Wittrock (eds.), Axial Civilizations and World History, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2004, pp. 199-222.


19. ‘The Figure of Melchizedek in the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament’, to be published in: D. R. Schwartz (ed.), Text, Thought and Practice in Qumran and Early Christianity – Proceedings of the ninth Orion Symposium 16 pp.


20. ‘Cain: Son of God or Son of Satan’, to be published in: N. B. Dohrmann and D. Stern (eds.), Jewish Biblical Interpretation in a Comparative Context, The University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 26 pp.


21. ‘Nimrod Son of Cush, King of Mesopotamia, and the Dates of P and J’, to be published in: V. A. Hurowitz (ed.) S. Paul Festschrift. 11 pp.


v. Articles:




22. 'The Acceptance of Sacrifices from Gentiles', Tarbiz, 48 (1979), pp. 341-345 (Heb.)


23. 'A Parasha Concerned with Accepting the Kingdom of Heaven',     Tarbiz, 53 (1983), pp. 11-32 (Heb.)


24. 'The Priestly Torah Versus the Holiness School: Sabbath and the Festivals', HUCA, 58 (1987), pp. 65-118.


25. ‘The Priestly Torah Versus the Holiness School: Ideological       

 Aspects’,  Proceedings of the Tenth World Congress                                                       of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 1990, pp. 65-118.


26. 'The Sin-Offering Law in the 'Holiness School', Tarbiz 59 (1990), pp. 1-10 (Heb.).


27. 'Between Cult and Morality', S'VARA, 2 (1991) pp. 29-34.


28. 'Post-Biblical Sectarianism and Priestly Schools of the Pentateuch: The Issue of Popular Participation in the Temple Cult on Festivals', Tarbiz 60 (1991), 139-146 (Heb.).


29.  'Milluim Ve-Kippurim', Tarbiz, 62 (1992) 17-44 (with S. Naeh, Heb.).



30. 'ðâìåú åðñúøåú' - 'Uncovering and Concealment of Torah' JQR         Supplement 1994 pp. 99-104.



31. 'Biblical Attitudes to Gentiles Idolatry' Tarbiz, 64 (1995), pp. 5-12 (Heb.)


32.  'Between Voice and Silence: The Relationship between Prayer and Temple Cult' Journal of Biblical Literature 115 (1996) pp. 17-30.



33. ‘Re-Considering the Dating and recipient of Miqsat Ma’ase ha-Tora’, Hebrew Studies 37 (1996), pp. 119-125.


34. ‘In the Face of Death’ in: A. Baumgarten (ed.), Self, Soul and Body in Religious Experience, Numen Sup. 78, Leiden 1998, pp. 87-95.


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36.  ‘The Guilt Offering Law of the Holiness School’, Vetus Testamentum, 54 (2004), pp. 516-526.