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Our Jerusalem Home from East to West, before 2003, after 2003

This Homepage concerns our home located in Jerusalem's prestigious quarter of Yemin Moshe near the famous windmill, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and its environs.

We are no architects, though like architecture. We became the architect of our house, designed it, build it and decorated the interior.

For example, I drew and submitted the plans to the Municipality of Jerusalem, planned the electricity, dug a cellar in bedrock with my bear hands and carved the wooden doors with decorative motifs. Hanna, my wife, cleaned every rooftile of the old building, peeled the walls from twenty layers of overlying paint and designed the interior with its colors and 60 cushions that are dispersed in the house. New curtains are made on a yearly basis.


Our Home near the Yemin Moshe Windmill

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Winter and Summer at the Windmill


Our Home near the Yemin Moshe Windmill

This Homepage shows the following two items

  1. * Views of the inside of the House
  2. * Views of the outside of the House

Click here for the Snapshots of the House's Interior

Click here for the Snapshots of the outside of the House


View through the Living towards the East

The color of the ceiling and that of the plastered walls is off-white. The door in the photograph gives access to the eastern balcony which, in turn, looks out onto Mount Zion, the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Judaean Desert.

So far, we have shown the upper floor of the apartment. There is, however, also a lower apartment. Click here for the Lower apartment's Interior

Since August 2006, the lower apartment has been entirely renovated and we intend to move in at the beginning of March 2007. This means that from that moment, the upper apartment will be for sale. We are waiting for the one who will continue this home that originally was built 116 years ago by Sir Mozes Montefiori, though with the money of Mr. Turah from Newport (where the first Portugese synagogue was built in the USA.) Nevertheless, only serious buyers are welcome. If one answers this email or website, no intermediary realestate agent will be involved.


The owners and planners

Hanna Kalfon-Gunneweg studied Arts--Interior Design--in the Art Academy of Bezalel in Jerusalem. After completion, she moved to Paris where she studied Costume Design and Make-Up at l'institut d'etudes cinematographique (l'idec). Please, have a look at Hanna Kalfon Homepage.

Jan Gunneweg is an Archaeologist/Archaeometrist and is interested in everything which has to do with finding solutions for problems of any kind. He can be found on Jan Gunneweg's Homepage

Jan Gunneweg

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