44951 - Structure and Function in Syntax - מבנה ופונקציה בתחביר

Y. N. Falk
Office 7812
Office Hours: Sundays / Wednesdays 11:30-12:15

Year-long 2006-7 Tuesday 8:30-10 Room 2604
MA Course, English Department, Linguistics Stream

This course will examine the nature of constituent structure and the relationship between constituent structure and grammatical functions in light of current research.

Course Outline

    Semester A

  1. Structure and Function: Parallel Representations
    1. Modeling Syntactic Relations
    2. Basic LFG [Falk 2006 Subjects and Universal Grammar pp. 24-28]
    3. Mapping Principles
  2. Structure-Function Mismatches
    1. Non-configurationality [Nordlinger 1997 Constructive Case pp. 25-44]
    2. English Auxiliary [Falk 2003 in LFG 03 Conference Proceedings]
    3. Urdu Complex Predicates [Butt 1995 The Structure of Complex Predicates in Urdu pp. 35-58]
    4. Hebrew NPs [Falk 2006 in Festschrift for Joan Bresnan pp. 185-207]
  3. Semester B

  4. Sentence Structure
    1. S vs. IP [Kroeger 1993 Phrase Structure and Grammatical Relations in Tagalog pp. 118-138.]
    2. Triggered Inversion in Hebrew
  5. Mixed Categories
    1. General [Bresnan 1997 in LFG 97 Conference Proceedings]
    2. Hebrew Action Nominals [Falk 2001 in LFG 01 Conference Proceedings]
    3. Extension: Hebrew Present-Tense Copulas [Falk 2004 in LFG 04 Conference Proceedings]
  6. Miscellaneous (Tentative)
    1. Empty Categories
    2. Non-Projecting Categories [Asudeh 2002 in LFG 02 Conference Proceedings]
    3. Complementizers [Börjars & Vincent 2004, LFG 04 conference presentation]
    4. Syntax-Morphology Category Mismatches [Evans & Nordlinger, LFG 04 conference presentation]

Course requirements

Final project. The reading is here.
for students taking the course as a seminar: Seminar Paper

Handouts available for downloading in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format

Note: If these don't print correctly on your printer but display properly in Acrobat, try using the "Print as image" option in Acrobat.
Syllabus (24 Oct.)
Bibliography (24 Oct.)
Modeling Syntactic Relations (24 Oct.)
LFG Basics (7 Nov.)
Structure-Function Mapping (14 Nov.)
Non-configurationality (21 Nov)
Analyses of English Aux (12 Dec.)
Summary of Mismatches (23 Jan.)
Structure of "Sentence" (6 March)
Tagalog Clitic Placement (8 March)
Hebrew Triggered Inversion (29 May)
Final project. The reading is here.(26 June)
Evans/Nordlinger handout (3 July)


This year's LFG conference will be held at Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., 28-30 July 2007

Classes will start at exactly 8:40!

31 Oct: Read the "LFG Basics" reading for next time.

14 Nov: Read the Nordlinger reading on non-configurationality.

12 Dec: Read the Falk reading on auxiliaries for next time.

9 Jan: Read Butt reading on Urdu for next time.

16 Jan: Read Falk 2006 on Hebrew NPs for the first class of second semester. You may skip section 10.3 (pp. 198-202).

13 March: Read Kroeger on Tagalog for next time.

16 April: The professors' strike called for Tuesday only affects B.A. classes, so I'll be there tomorrow.

5 June: A PDF of the Bresnan paper on mixed categories is here.

26 June: The final project is now available.

3 July: I will be out of the country 11 July - 2 August.