Multifunctionality in Syntax: Wh-type Constructions - רב־פונקציונליות בתחביר: קונסטרוקציות דמויות־שאלה

Prof. Yehuda N. Falk

Office 7812
Office Hours: Wednesdays 14:45-15:30

Semester A 2011-2: Sunday/Wednesday 12:30-14:00 Room 2504
MA Course, Linguistics Department, Generative Program

In wh-type constructions, a single element bears multiple grammatical functions. This multifunctionality is usually modeled formally as movement from the canonical position of one function to the canonical position of the other function. In this course we will explore the properties of these constructions through a direct representation of multifunctionality, without movement. We will explore islands, pied-piping, the existence of empty categories, in-situ questions, externally- and internally-headed relative clauses, accessibility, parasitic gaps, and more.

Course Outline

  1. Wh Constructions and Multifunctionality
  2. Formalism
    1. Realization
    2. Functional Uncertainty
    3. Wh-Path
    4. Direction of Licensing
  3. Constituent Structure Issues; Empty Categories
  4. Grammatical Functions
    1. Subjects
    2. Accessibility
  5. Islands
  6. "In-Situ" Constructions and "Partial Movement"
  7. Relative Clauses
  8. Parasitic Gaps

Course requirements

Final project; see link to reading below
for students taking the course as a seminar: Seminar Paper

Handouts available for downloading in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format

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Syllabus [30 October]
Wh-type Constructions [30 October]
Anatomy of Wh-type Constructions [30 October]
A Formal Account [6 November]
Wanna Contraction [16 November]
"In-Situ" [28 December]
Scope Marking [1 January]
Internally Headed Relative Clauses [8 January]


The next LFG conference will be held at Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia, 28-30 June 2012.


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