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" 'Staam': Shmirat ikviyut basiach" ["Hebrew 'Staam': maintaining consistency in Discourse"] Asufot  umuvaot belashon [Collection of articles on Language] Volume in Memory of Shaul Aloni.[PDF]
"Discourse analysis" To appear in Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, edited by G. Khan.  Brill.[PDF]
"Existential sentences in Hebrew" To appear in Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics,
edited by G. Khan.  Brill.[PDF]

2010 "Igun bemodel Hasiach" [Anchoring in Discourse model] Hebrew Linguistics 64: 37-47.[PDF]
2008. "Codifying Apparent Inconsistencies in Discourse: The case of Hebrew ma" In:S. Armon-Lotem, G. Danon and S.Rothstein (eds.) Current Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics. Amsterdam/Philadelphia:John Benjamins Publishing Company. 353-388. [PDF]
2007.  “The discourse Markers naxon and lo : Linguistic and Rhetorical Characterization” Hebrew Linguistics 54 :7-21.

2006. "naxon and ma : Codification of Givenness and Surprise in the Processing of Information" in: Studies in Language 10, A. Maman and S. Fassberg (eds.) : 65-73. 2006 (in Hebrew). [PDF] 
2006. “Osim kaze dibur yashir" [Doing like Direct Speech] In: R.Ben Shachar and G. Toury, (eds.) Hebrew as a Living Language 4. The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics, Tel Aviv University, Hakibbutz Hameuxad : 141-156. [PDF]
2003. “This, I believe, is a processing Instruction : Discourse Linking via Parentheticals” Proceeding of the 18 Conference of Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics .[PDF]
2001. "Pashut: discourse markers in Spoken Hebrew" Hebrew Linguistics 48:17-29.[PDF]
1998. “Discourse Markers: Introduction”. (with Andreas H Jucker) Discourse Markers: Descriptions and Theory. Amsterdam/Philadelphia:John Benjamins Publishing Company, Pragmatics and Beyond, New Series..1-12. In: A.H. Jucker and Y.Ziv (eds.)[PDF]
1998. "Hebrew kaze  as a discourse marker and lexical hedges: Conceptual and Procedural Properties" In: A.H. Jucker and Y. Ziv (eds.) Discourse Markers: Description and Theory Amsterdam/PhiladelphiaJohn Benjamins Publishing Company, Pragmatics and Beyond, New Series..203-221.[PDF]
1997. "Centering, Global Focus and Right Dislocation" ( with B.Grosz) In: Marilyn A. Walker, Aravind K. Joshi and Ellen F. Prince (eds.) Centering Theory in Discourse.  Clarendon Press,:293-307.[PDF]
1997. "Conditionals and Restrictives on Generics" In: A. Athanasiadou and R. Dirven (eds.)
On Conditionals Again. Amsterdam/Philadelphia John Benjamins publishing Company.  223-239.[PDF]
1996. “Pronominal Reference to Inferred Antecedents”. Coherence and Anaphora, Belgian Journal of Linguistics 10: 55–67.[PDF]
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1995. "Meanyen hasefer haze: [Interesting this book]: A special construction in spoken Hebrew" Hebrew Linguistics  39, 29-39.
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1988. "On the Rationality of 'Relevance' and the Relevance of  'Rationality'" Journal of Pragmatics 12. pp. 535 - 545.
Reprinted in: A. Kasher (ed.) Cognitive Aspects of Language Use. Amsterdam: North Holland. pp.31-41. 1989.[PDF]
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1973. "Why Can't Appositives be Extraposed ?" Papers in Linguistics 6:2 pp.243 - 254.