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MA: (with thesis)

Miriam Engelhart – On Tough movement   

       Irit Meir – Coordination and the notion of "Likeness"

       Tali Rubovits-Mann – Extraction from noun phrases- discourse constraints

       Dana Cohen – On the content of Intensive Reflexives   

       Lucy Bahat – How many Buts ?

       Tsipi Kuper-Blau – On However

       Nina Heimets – Dilemmas of Sociolinguistic Identity of the Russian Jewish intelligentsia in Israel: 
                                      Between State-community and labor market       

       Renana landau – Forensic linguistics : The linguist at the service of the  legal system

       Anna Friedman – On the role of the contrastive discourse markers But and   And:
                                        Their cross linguistic convergences and divergences 

       Anna Feldman – On Russian No as a Discourse marker 

       Hagit Migron – On False Definites in English        

       Sharon Hurvitz – On Generics in English 

       Oshri Weiss – A pragmatic analysis of the Asian disease problem 

       Nadav  Tsabar – Existentials as Existentials: On Topic-Comment structure in existential sentences


       Tali Robuvits-Mann – Extraction from relative clauses: An information structure account

       Dana Cohen – Intensive Reflexives : between sentence and Discourse 

       Esther Cohen – On Discourse markers 

       Aliza Yahav – Demystifying the Academic Text through Activation of Familiar Genre   

PhD in Progress: 

      Oshri Weiss – A Pragmatic Perspective of the Differences  between Individuals in performing 
                                 Reasoning Tasks 

     Nina Luskin – Negative polarity items and discourse information structure

PhD Committees of :

       Beata Beigman Klebanov – Construction of algorithms for judging relatedness between 
                                               lexical items in natural language corpora

       Tamar Keren Portnoy – The Development of the Verb Category in the Grammars of 
                                           Children Learning Hebrew as Their First Language 

        Ekaterina Shagalov – The computation of linguistics markers of schizophrenia and 
mania in spontaneous speech 

        Shir Givoni – Low Salience Marking