List of Publications
Faculty of Humanities / English and American
Professor Shira Wolosky
Literary Theory, Poetics, Feminism

                                                                  Curriculum Vitae
Shira Wolosky                         
Full Professor, English and American Literature
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
Born: 1954, New York, U.S.A.
Jan. 1981: Princeton University, Ph.D. with distinction, Comparative Literature,
                       Major Specialization: English and American Literature, nineteenth and
                       twentieth centuries
              1978‑1979: Fulbright Scholar at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
June, 1978: Princeton University, M.A. with distinction, Comparative Literature,    
June, 1975: Brown University, B.A.  summa cum laude, Comparative Litera­ture
Dissertation: "Linguistic Poetics: Literary Responses to Modern Cultural Crisis."
Directors: Robert Fagles, Joseph Frank, Emory Elliott, A. Walton LItz
Academic Honors:
Sept. 2011: Scholar in Residence, Cardoza Law School, NY
Jan-March, 2011: Drue Heinz Visiting Professor, Rothermere Institute, Oxford University
April, 2010: Fellow at the Center for Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Jan-March, 2008: Drue Heinz Visiting Professor, Rothermere Institute, Oxford University
                       Jan-June, 2007: Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton: School of History
                       August, 2003: Einstein Forum Fellowship, Potsdam, Germany
November, 2001: Fellow at the Center for Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania       
                       2001-2002: Littauer Foundation Grant
                       2000-2001: Guggenheim Fellowship
                       1993-1995: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Research Grant
1985‑1986: Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem
                       1983‑1984: Morse Fellowship, Yale University
                       June, 1983: Whitney Griswold Research Grant, Yale University
                       June, 1982:  American Council of Learned Societies Grant‑in‑Aid
June, 1981: Sidonie Claus Dissertation Award in Comparative Literature, Princeton University
1978‑1979:  Fulbright‑Hayes/Israel Government Grant, Hebrew   University in Jerusalem
                       1978‑1979: Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities
                       1975‑1978:  Princeton University Fellowship
                       1975: Rosalie Colie Award in Comparative Litera­ture, Brown University     
                       1975: Phi Beta Kappa, Brown University
Academic Positions:
2009-2011: Director of Graduate Programs, Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University
                       From 1998: Full Professor, Hebrew University
                       1998 - 2005: Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem
                       1987: Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University [Tenure: 1994]
                       Jan. 1987: Visiting Professor, Hebrew University
                       1985-6: Associate Professor of English Literature, Yale University
                       1984‑1985: Assistant Director of the Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University
                       198O‑1985: Assistant Professor of English Literature, Yale University
                       1976‑198O: Teaching Fellow, Princeton University
                       1974‑1975: Teaching Fellow, Brown University
Teaching Awards: 1989, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2009