In Case You Want to Know,

My name is Einav (pronounced "A" like the letter + "nav" like navigate), a 20+something kid. I live in Jerusalem, Israel, but no, I don't ride camels. Never did, actually.

Art is something I always did, and will hopefully always continue to do - although probably nothing formal. The art assembled here spans different periods and different mediums. I love acrylics, pencils and Wacom pens, and dabble with whichever strikes my fancy at the time.
I would love to hear what you think. Scroll down the main page, and enjoy...!

I have a bachelor's degree in Statistics and Cognitive Science, and a M.A in Cognitive Science, specializing in the study of Rationality. I'm toiling away on my PhD. I'm interested in decision making, Game Theory and Social Psychology (and their intersections).
Please see my academic page for more about that.

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