About Me

My name is Einav Hart (pronounced "A" like the letter + "nav" like navigate).

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, in the Behavioral Ethics lab and the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program.
I hold a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2015), in Cognitive Science, and the Study of Rationality.

Research interests: Conflict, Motivation, Negotiation, Trust, Decision Making.*

Common academic wisdom has it that psychologists research what they do not possess: Those studying attention have a short attention span, memory researchers are quite forgetful, and those interested in decision-making and choices are in fact the most indecisive of the lot. I fit in with the latter category; I am indeed interested in decision making, as well as game theory and social psychology. I aim to examine what makes people choose as they do, assuming they are at least semi-rational in their behavior.

In my research, I investigate the relationship between conflict and motivation. I employ an interdisciplinary approach and use a variety of methods, drawing from psychology and economics, to assess the influence of conflict, negotiation, and power, on trust, motivation, and cooperation. In my work, I highlight the importance of conceptualizing and investigating conflict as a part of an ongoing relationship. I study different conflict stages and dynamics simultaneously, across different contexts, and assess the long term influences of conflict and negotiation on motivation.**

Other than my academic activities, I am predisposed towards the visual arts. I have been drawing for most of my life. Hopefully always will.
You are more than invited to take a peek at this site's sister-site, Psifas, displaying some of my art.

This webpage contains my CV as well as research papers and presentations I gave. I shall do my best to fill it up.

Updated: April 2018