Adventures in Nepal


Nepal is a rather unusual place.

First, although it is a rather small country, more than half of the worlds' 14 "above 8,000m' peaks are in its area.
Second, it is the only country in the world where the tourist industry is so much "trek oriented". In Kathmandu and Pokhara, the trekking infrastructure includes numerous trekking agencies as well as well stocked shops selling trekking equipment. In many trekking areas there are tea houses, shops and hotels. It is also easy to find reliable guides and porters.
Third, it is a touristic place which offers the tourists many "Apres-Trek" (in relation to the French term "Apres-Ski") possibilities - A huge variety of excellent restaurants, rafting tours, jungle tours and night clubs.
Forth, it is very cheap. This enables you to enjoy almost freely from the points above...
Last, but surely not the least - the Nepalese. The wonderful and nice people of Nepal make the visit in Nepal a sheer pleasure !

As you can see in this web site, we're quite experienced travelers. Still, we've never seen anywhere in the world such a rare combination. We decide, without any hesitations, in one voice, to say aloud:

Nepal is the best !!!

Tali and I sitting on a small rock on Kala Pater (5,550m'). In the background Mt. Everest, 8,878m' (The rather small and snow-less pyramid just to the right of us) and Nupse, 7,861m' (The mountain in the far right end. Its snow is blown by a local wind storm).

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