Summer 2009
  Probability (S4105Q)

Benjamin Yakir

M-Th 6:15pm-7:50pm, 227 Mudd

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Instructor:  Benny Yakir  1-2163 SSW 931 M-Th 5:00pm-6:00pm 
TA:  Kamiar Rahnama Rad  SSW 905 Wed 11:00am-1:00pm 


  • INFORMATION FOR THE FINAL: The final exam is on the last class of the course (Thursday, August 13). The structure and instructions for the final are exactly the same as those for the midterm. In particular, you will be required to solve four out of five problems. However, expect the problems to be somewhat harder. The theme of the problems are taken from the homework assignments, one from the material up to the midterm and one from each of the chapters 5-8, up to and including the homework assignment of August 6. Nonetheless, the solution to any of the problems may depend on knowledge aquired at the other parts of the course. The material of the last week will not be part of the final.
  • The mean score in the midterm was 2.94 (out of 4) with a standard deviations of about 1.
  • The solution to theoretical question 11 of Chapter 5 was added.