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Professor Emeritus (Sociology and Political Science), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Edited by Asa Maron & Michael Shalev
Oxford University Press 2017
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by Michael Shalev
Oxford University Press 1992
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Using Location Data From Mobile Phones to Study Participation in Mass Protests
           with Assaf Rotman; in Sociological Methods and Research (2020)

The Political Economy of Israeli Neoliberalism
           with Ronen Mandelkern; in Hazan et al. eds., The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society (2018)

Bullets and Benefits in the Israeli Welfare State
           with John Gal; in Obinger et al. eds., War and the Welfare State (2018)

Horizontal inequality in Israel’s welfare state: Do Arab citizens receive fewer transfer payments?
            with Amit Lazarus; in Khattab et al. eds., Socioeconomic inequality in Israel (2016)

The Spanish Indignados and Israel’s Social Justice Movement: The Role of Political Cleavages in Two Large-scale Protests
            with Ignacia Perugorría and Benjamín Tejerina; in Ancelovici et al. eds., Street Politics in the Age of Austerity (2016)

The Political Economy of Israel’s ”Social Justice” Protests: A Class and Generational Analysis (English)     Hebrew version
            with Zeev Rosenhek; in Contemporary Social Science (November 2013) and Teoria Ubikoret (Summer 2013)

The Welfare State as an Employer: An Unacknowledged Avenue of Opportunity for Palestinian Women in Israel (English)   Hebrew version
            with Amit Lazarus; in Khattab and Miaari eds., Palestinians in the Israeli Labor Market  (2013)

The economic grievances behind the social protests of 2011 (English)     Hebrew version
            State of the Nation Report 2011, Taub Center for Social Policy (2012)

The Cost of Social Welfare: Israel in Comparative Perspective (English)     Hebrew version
             with Johnny Gal & Sagit Azary-Viesel;
in State of the Nation Report 2011, Taub Center for Social Policy (2012)

Regime-Based Analysis in Comparative Welfare State Research: Old and New Approaches
           Qualitative & Multi-Method Research (Fall 2011)

Power and the Ascendance of New Economic Policy Ideas: Lessons From the 1980s Crisis in Israel
            with Ronen Mandelkern; World Politics (July 2010)

Dialectics of Institutional Change: Social Insurance Financing in Israel
            with Michal Koreh; Socio-Economic Review (October 2009)

“Loyalty Benefits”
            Paper presented at RC19 Stockholm (September 2008);  FLJS Policy Brief (2010);  Chapter in Hebrew with Eyal Friedman (2010)

How Welfare States Shape the Gender Pay Gap
            with Hadas Mandel; Social Forces (June 2009)

Gender, Class, and Varieties of Capitalism
            with Hadas Mandel; Social Politics (June 2009)
Commentaries by Estevez-Abe, Rubery and Folbre

Class Divisions Among Women
            Politics and Society (September 2008)

The Welfare State Consensus in Israel: Placing Class Politics in Context
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Limits and Alternatives to Multiple Regression in Comparative Research
               Comparative Social Research 24 (2007)

               Complete Symposium including Commentaries and Response

Political Economy (in Hebrew) 
            In/equalities, edited by U. Ram and N. Berkovitch (2006)

Inequality and the State in Israel: Implications of the Social Services as an Employer
            Falk Institute Discussion Paper, July 2006

The Winners and Losers of the 2003 Elections: Ideology, Social Structure and Political Change
            With Gal Levy; in The Elections in Israel 2003 (Arian & Shamir eds.; Transaction, 2005)
Hebrew version, April 2004

Class Meets Gender in Comparative Social Policy
            Social Politics, Summer 2000

The Politics of Elective Affinity
            The Varieties of Welfare Capitalism (Ebbinghaus & Manow eds.; Routledge, 2001)

Social Cleavages among non-Arab Voters
                Original version     Abbreviated version in The Elections in Israel 1999 (SUNY Press, 2002).
Hebrew Versionè Hebrew text in zipped Word file   Tables & Charts 

The Contradictions of Palestinian Citizenship in Israel: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Israeli Welfare State 
                With Zeev Rosenhek, in Citizenship and the State in the Middle East (Butenschon, Davis & Hassassian eds.; Syracuse University Press, 2000)

Have Globalization and Liberalization 'Normalized' Israel's Political Economy?
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Time for Theory: Critical Notes on Lissak and Sternhell
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The Labor Movement in Israel: Ideology and Political Economy
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Class Conflict, Corporatism and Comparison: A Japanese Enigma
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Labor, State and Crisis: An Israeli Case Study      Hebrew Version "המיתון"
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The Social Democratic Model and Beyond: Two 'Generations' of Comparative Research on the Welfare State
Comparative Social Research 6, 1983

Strikes, Power and Politics in the Western Nations, 1900-1976

          Political Power and Social Theory 1, 1980