Current projects

Some recent work

Gradable possibility and epistemic comparison. [with Elena Herburger] To appear in Journal of Semantics.

2017. Straddling the line between attitude verbs and necessity modals. In "Modality Across Syntactic Categories", A. Arregui, M. L. Rivero, and A. Salanova (eds.), OUP [paper draft]

2016. Extreme and non-extreme deontic modals. [with Paul Portner] In "Deontic Modality", N. Charlow and M. Chrisman (eds.), OUP [paper draft]

2015. Superfluous negation in Modern Hebrew and its origins. [with Ivy Sichel and Avigail Tsirkin-Sadan] Journal of Jewish Languages 3: 165–182 [paper]

2015. Varieties of alternative unconditionals. [with Edit Doron] Proceedings of IATL 2014 [paper]

2014. On necessity and comparison. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 95: 512–554 [doi]

2014. Is 'more possible' more possible in German? [with Elena Herburger] Proceedings of SALT 24 [paper]

2013. Review of Narrog 2012, Modality, Subjectivity, and Semantic Change. Linguist List 24.2942 [review]

2013. Toward fine-grained annotation of modality in text. [with Hillary Harner, Elizabeth Krawczyk, Daniel Simonson, Graham Katz, and Paul Portner] Proceedings of IWCS 2013 Workshop on Annotation of Modal Meanings in Natural Language (WAMM) [paper]

2013. Figuring out what we ought to do: the challenge of delineating priorities. Proceeding of the 36th Penn Linguistics Colloquium (U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 19, No. 1) [paper]

2012. Mood and contextual commitment. [with Paul Portner] Proceedings of SALT 22 [paper]

2012. Ordering combination for modal comparison. [with Graham Katz and Paul Portner] Proceedings of SALT 22 [paper]


2012. Roots of Modality. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [pdf]

Older stuff

2012. Developing a methodology for modality type annotations on a large scale. [with Dan Simonson, Joo Chung, Hillary Harner, Graham Katz and Paul Portner] Paper presented at the Modality Workshop @ OttawaU [slides]

2012. Categorizing modals with Amazon Mechanical Turk. [with Dan Simonson, Joo Chung, and Hillary Harner] Poster presented at the 2nd MACSIM workshop

2010. Needing to have but not needing: The limited modal potential of intensional transitive verbs. Poster presented at CUNY 23 [poster]

2010. Decoupling tense and aspect in Chinese. [with Masashi Hashimoto] Manuscript, UMass Amherst [pdf]

2009. Groups in the semantics of reciprocal verbs. Proceedings of NELS 38 [paper]

2003. Using LSA to detect irony. Paper presented at CL2003 workshop