Current projects

Some recent work

forthcoming. Historical corpora meet the Digital Humanities: The Jerusalem corpus of Emergent Modern Hebrew. Accepted for publication at Language Resources and Evaluation

in press. Existential possessive modality in the emergence of Modern Hebrew. In "Linguistic Contact, Continuity and Change in the Genesis of Modern Hebrew", E. Doron, M. Rappaport Hovav, Y. Reshef, and M. Taube (eds.), John Benjamins [paper draft]

2018. Gradable possibility and epistemic comparison. [with Elena Herburger] Journal of Semantics [paper]

2017. Straddling the line between attitude verbs and necessity modals. In "Modality Across Syntactic Categories", A. Arregui, M. L. Rivero, and A. Salanova (eds.), OUP [paper draft]

2016. Extreme and non-extreme deontic modals. [with Paul Portner] In "Deontic Modality", N. Charlow and M. Chrisman (eds.), OUP [paper draft]

2015. Superfluous negation in Modern Hebrew and its origins. [with Ivy Sichel and Avigail Tsirkin-Sadan] Journal of Jewish Languages 3: 165–182 [paper]

2015. Varieties of alternative unconditionals. [with Edit Doron] Proceedings of IATL 2014 [paper]

2014. On necessity and comparison. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 95: 512–554 [doi]

2014. Is 'more possible' more possible in German? [with Elena Herburger] Proceedings of SALT 24 [paper]

2013. Review of Narrog 2012, Modality, Subjectivity, and Semantic Change. Linguist List 24.2942 [review]

2013. Toward fine-grained annotation of modality in text. [with Hillary Harner, Elizabeth Krawczyk, Daniel Simonson, Graham Katz, and Paul Portner] Proceedings of IWCS 2013 Workshop on Annotation of Modal Meanings in Natural Language (WAMM) [paper]

2013. Figuring out what we ought to do: the challenge of delineating priorities. Proceeding of the 36th Penn Linguistics Colloquium (U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 19, No. 1) [paper]

2012. Mood and contextual commitment. [with Paul Portner] Proceedings of SALT 22 [paper]

2012. Ordering combination for modal comparison. [with Graham Katz and Paul Portner] Proceedings of SALT 22 [paper]


2012. Roots of Modality. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [pdf]

Older stuff

2012. Developing a methodology for modality type annotations on a large scale. [with Dan Simonson, Joo Chung, Hillary Harner, Graham Katz and Paul Portner] Paper presented at the Modality Workshop @ OttawaU [slides]

2012. Categorizing modals with Amazon Mechanical Turk. [with Dan Simonson, Joo Chung, and Hillary Harner] Poster presented at the 2nd MACSIM workshop

2010. Needing to have but not needing: The limited modal potential of intensional transitive verbs. Poster presented at CUNY 23 [poster]

2010. Decoupling tense and aspect in Chinese. [with Masashi Hashimoto] Manuscript, UMass Amherst [pdf]

2009. Groups in the semantics of reciprocal verbs. Proceedings of NELS 38 [paper]

2003. Using LSA to detect irony. Paper presented at CL2003 workshop