In 2016-2017 I am teaching in both Hebrew Language and Linguistics departments:

  • Pragmatics (with Yael Ziv)
  • Introduction to syntax
  • Morphology I (with Eran Cohen)
  • Modals and attitude verbs
  • The development of Modern Hebrew: Topics in semantics

Past courses

Topics in computational and corpus linguistics (HUJI Linguistics, syllabus).

Special! -- in February 2016 I organized an intensive 2-week winter school on Language documentation and linguistic fieldwork at HUJI.

Modal and scalar semantics (HUJI Linguistics, syllabus).

Corpora and statistics for language research (cotaught with Luka Crnič, HUJI School of Language Sciences, syllabus).

Structure of Semitic languages (cotaught with Ruth Kramer, Georgetown Linguistics 430, syllabus).

Introduction to semantics (TA, UMass Linguistics 510).

Introduction to linguistic theory (instructor and TA, UMass Linguistics 201).

People and their language (TA, UMass Linguistics 101).