Avraham N. (Avi) Kluger, Ph.D.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (1998-1999)
Academy of Management Journal (1996-1997)
AD-HOC reviewer including Psychological Bulletin (Since 2002)

Together with a Jordanian partner and Prof. Lilach Sagiv studied attitudes towards business
cooperation between Jordan and Israel among the respective business communities. The
researchers trained in Cyprus (September 2003; July 2004) a group of Jordanian and Israeli

Head of the steering committee in a Jerusalem public school (2003-2004).

Trained Jordaninan businessmen with Feedforwad in Aqabba (2005).

Board member. The Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center (2004-2005).

Board member. Time Bank of Jerusalem (2005-2008).

Probono lecutres. IDF, women shelter, community centers (Since 1994)

Research committee member. The international listening association. (2014)