Avraham N. (Avi) Kluger, Ph.D.


Current Students

Dina Van-Dijk Feedback sign and regulatory focus effects on motivation and performance.
Dr. Liad Uziel The social facilitation effect: Personality moderation and emotional mediation.
Dr. Edith Levintz Attachment Style - The Organizational Glue: The Relationship between Attachment
Style and Organizational Commitment
(Supervised with Prof. Aharon Cohen)
Dr. Dina Nir The negotiational self: identifying and transforming negotiation outcomes within the self
(Supervised with Prof. Ayala Malach-Pines)
Dr. Liat Levontin Victory with no victims: Amity achievement goals
Dr. Varda Wasserman On the Power of the Beautiful - Organizational Aesthetics as a Control Tool
(Supervised with Dr. Michal Frenkel)
Dr. Eyal Rechter Feedforward effects on affect, self-efficacy, and performance
Dr. Dotan Castro The effects of lisetning on developing a dialactical self, boding and well being
Dorit Bitter Expanding the construct of employee voice
Guy Itzchakov The effects of lisetning on reducing social anxiety
Michal Lehmann The effect of supervisor's secure base on promotion focus